• Pre-construction scheduling
  • Budget development – detailed cost estimating
  • Value engineering / cost control
  • Constructability reviews
  • Permit acquisition


  • Schedule monitoring
  • Budget monitoring
  • Safety program
  • Open book accounting & detailed cost reporting
  • Permits and fees
  • Weekly Field Reports distributed to entire project team
  • Meeting agendas distributed prior to weekly Owner, Architect, Contractor meetings
  • Detailed monthly applications for payment
  • BIM, Building Information Modeling
  • Project closeout data
  • Operations and Maintenance manuals
  • Service and warranty

Quality Assurance

  • Quality in the Construction Industry is a function of Service, Construction Technique, and Relationships. In the Construction Industry, the men and women who make up the Construction team have a direct impact on the Quality of the Project. There is a direct link between the Project Team and the success of the Project.
  • G.F.Woods Construction is organized around the idea of Total Quality Management. This includes a team management style that distributes and conveys the responsibilities of construction management to a team of qualified individuals who work in tandem to oversee the construction project. Typically each team consists of a Project Manager, a Superintendent and a Project Coordinator. Each individual of the team is dedicated to the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the entire project – regardless of job title. Each team member contributes specifically to the success of the other members, and to the overall success and quality of the project.
  • G.F.Woods Construction is dedicated to working with only the finest and most reputable subcontractors and suppliers available. In general, G.F.Woods Construction works only with those subcontractors and suppliers with whom we have established a working relationship and our experience in the industry allows for a large pool of such relationships. Unknown subcontractors and suppliers are considered only after careful review of their references and reputation. When awarding a contract to a subcontractor or supplier, quality of work is as important as proposal price.


i. Scheduling is of the utmost importance and is discussed daily on each project. We provide a detailed project schedule during our pre-construction time frame. Once your project is underway we ensure we meet or beat that pre-determined schedule by planning 2-4 weeks in advance. We issue weekly updates and 2 week “look a heads” to the entire project team to ensure all parties are aware of critical path items, hence eliminating the unaware project team member. We strive to take the guess work out of each project by very detailed pre-meditated planning and several back and forth discussions with our clients.


Safety is priority 1 on all our job sites. A clean and safe working environment ensures an efficient, enjoyable, and productive work environment. Daily job site clean-up is standard on every job site. We require all subcontractors to abide by our strict safety program that is reviewed and signed prior to beginning all projects.

Guaranteed Completion Dates

We have a long proven record of delivering projects within a predetermined time frame and are confident in our abilities to guarantee our clients move in dates prior to beginning each project.